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Opticam a Rugged, Simple and Portable Sewer Push Camera

Opticam - a rugged, simple and portable sewer camera inspection system. Virtually plug and play with the "One-touch" on demand recording, start recording your inspections today. Get into more inspections with a dependable sewer inspection camera that is built for multiple applications.

Top Ten Opticam Features

  1. Large 10.4" LCD Screen
  2. 1.3" Self-Leveling Color Camera Head with Modular Design
  3. "Always On" Built-In 512Hz Sonde
  4. 0.475" Premium Push Rod Cable with Flexi-Guard Spring
  5. On-Screen Distance Counter
  6. One Touch Recording to USB
  7. Free Wifi App streams video to Most Android and Apple devices
  8. Built-In Speaker and Microphone
  9. Full Qwerty Keypad for Text Writing
  10. Power with AC, DC or Battery (optional)

Power Your System With a M18 Tool Battery!

No outlets. No Problem! Power your Opticam System with a Milwaukee Tool M18 Battery with our Power Tool Battery Adapter. The adapter makes any outside, rooftop or new construction inspections easy.

Affordable Sewer Push Camera

Opticam - a rugged, affordable sewer push camera solution with a user-friendly keypad and easy one-touch recording to a USB drive. Easily record inspection data and client information using the on-screen text writer and footage counter. A built in microphone and speaker allows you to record your voice to videos and then play the video back on the 10.4 inch LCD Monitor. Capture every detail with the 1.3" modular, color self-leveling camera head for inspecting 3" up to 8" pipes. An "always on" built-in sonde broadcasts at 512 Hz frequency to locate with a 512Hz locator.

Opticam Systems Start at $7,365

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This is a great opportunity for any business owner's that wants to take an advantage of using this great equipment.

Jerry Micheal

City of Washington, Inspection Department

Very affordable camera system with built in features such as digital counter, records to usb, auto upright camera head and more.

Harold Jones

Sewer Solution, Owner

This Opticam system is incredible! It's a truly plug and play system that have all the high-end features.

Mathew Robert

Sewertech Support, Engineer
YouTube video
YouTube video
YouTube video
YouTube video

Technical Design

PicturesJPGTake high resolution pictures to send to customers
Screen10.4"See the damages clearer and faster for better inspection
CounterDigitalDisplay footage distance on screen and no more guess work
Carry CaseABSWeather-proof and reliable material needing less repairs
SystemPortableIdeal viewing position and easy handling for traveling
Text-WriterMembraneSimply add detailed information to your inspection
FrameVerticalVersatile and expandable design for all lateral inspection

Technical Design

Stream WirelessWifiStream wireless video to Android or Apple mobile devices
CameraModularMore inspection with one camera requiring less investment
Resolution640 x 480Easily spot and view problem areas for faster inspections
RecordUSB8GB of memory will save you time to do other inspections
Pipe Size3" to 12"Inspects most common residential and commercial pipes
Cable SizeFiber glass.47" OD optimized for further pushes with more turns and bends
Sonde512 HzLocatable beacon for precise area determination

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