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We are an innovative American manufacturer that develops modern sewer inspection cameras and delivers up-to-the-minute solutions to our customers. To better serve our customers, we consistently manufacture quality sewer and pipe inspection cameras while providing professional customer support.

Portable Mainline Crawler

<i>$32,000</i><br />Portable Mainline Inspection System

An incredible and versatile "All-In-One" compact system with high-end features for sewer and pipe inspection. Portable and resourceful mainline system when it comes to speed and productivity.

Portable: Fits into the back of a pickup truck, or fits in most mid-size cars or vans.
Revolutionary: Works like your home or work computer with Microsoft Windows apps.
Productive: Dedicate only two people for your mainline inspection and reporting.

When I had first seen the system, I thought it was something I could not afford but when I heard how much it cost was and what it can do. I was amazed!

Jeff S., Engineer - J&B Rehabilitation

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