Modular Self-Leveling Cartridge Camera

What separates manufacturers of sewer cameras is the Camera Head and Insight Vision's self-leveling camera head sets the standard for picture quality and durability. Insight Vision... The Professional's Choice.

Nose Cone
Nose Cone
Camera Cartridge
Stainless Steel Camera Body
Stainless Steel Camera Body
Sapphire Glass Lens
Sapphire Glass Lens
Superior Camera Optics
Superior Camera Images
Double Ball Bearings
Double Ball Bearings

Tough Sapphire Glass

With scratch-and impact-resistant Sapphire glass, the camera head will have maximum protection which means less service and repairs plus excellent picture quality.

1.3” Self-Leveling Camera

The 1.3" camera head diameter makes it easier to maneuver smaller sewer pipe. The innovative Self-Leveling feature means your image will always be upright.

Modular Camera

Cost effective camera head that is easy and fast to repair saving you time and money!

12 LED Lights

The camera head was manufactured with 12 high-intensity LED lights to provide the brightest and clearest picture quality.

Water Resistant

The camera head is built with stainless steel housing to reduce rusting and air-tight seal to go against the ingress of water.

Professional Service & Support

We are a local company that you can trust and call for all your questions. Our professional associates are trained to surpass the industries standard in developing sewer inspection camera systems.Our main focus on camera reliability, so that you can keep on making money doing inspections.

Trade In Program

If you currently own one of our legacy sewer inspection camera systems and would like to know more about the Trade-In Program. Please fill out the contact form.

Service and Repairs

Looking for a camera head repair or troubleshooting question? You can either call us at 1-800-488-8177 or fill out the contact form. We will get back within the hour.

Removing Camera Head Spring and Sonde

Installing Camera Head Spring and Sonde

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