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Insight Vision: Sewer Inspection Camera Manufacturer

We are an innovative manufacturer company that designs advanced sewer inspection cameras. We focus on developing user-friendly video pipe inspection equipment. Our vision and enthusiasm inspires us to create new designs that satisfies our customers’ needs.

Our creative approach to designing advanced sewer inspection equipment has been derived from such diverse industries such as:

Medical Inspections
Information Technology
Pipe Inspection
Military Applications
Mining and Construction

"We are committed to pioneering the latest innovations of inspection cameras for our customers while providing everlasting service and support."

President, Steve Napoleon

Insight Vision Sewer Camera / Inspection System Manufacturer


Steve Napoleon

Steve Napoleon

President of Insight Vision Cameras

Steve is the President of Alliance Technology, the parent company of Insight Vision Cameras. Steve launched the business in 2003.

TIMELINE : Insight Vision - Advanced Sewer Inspection Integration

Today, Insight Vision is an innovator in designing advanced mainline sewer crawlers and sewer push cameras. Our brands have a unique look and operation system that is well-known. We are a reliable company that you can call for service needs and technical support. Our main focus has always been customer service and support. For more information, call us toll-free 1-800-488-8177.

VuTEK & MiCRO Pipe Tool
Date Released: Since January 14, 2007

The VuTEk pipe tool was the second sewer inspection cameras built. The Vutek pipe camera had a vertical design and recessed mold designed for plumbers and contractors who wanted to work smarter and faster. The VuTEK command module would connect to the frames in a lateral position to allow less strain on the back. Shortly there after, The MiCRO VuTEK was designed for video pipe inspection to inspect 1" to 2".

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Opticam Sewer Camera
Date Released: Since January 14, 2014

After several reviews and requests, Insight Vision decided to develop our most affordable sewer inspection system without limiting any features. The Opticam is a portable and durable sewer video inspection system. A step down from the VuTEK, this system is ideal for a start-up plumber or contractor business.

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IRIS Pan & Tilt Crawler
Date Released: Since July 14, 2015

Two years in development, revolutionary design and innovative technology, Insight Vision is proud to release the second generation Pan & Tilt mainline crawler, "IRIS". An affordable mainline crawler unit with motorized reel, operates on Windows 7 Professional, Snap Shot & Text-Writing capabilities, and Digital distance counter that will make your inspections more intuitive.

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Trade show after trade show, the comments were: "How did Insight Vision come up these ideas?" The answer is always the same: "Our tight knit group of engineers have an ambition to develop the most advanced sewer camera design for ease-of-use equipment." We simply have the ambition to develop new ideas for our customer. Learn More