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Mainline Sewer Inspection Crawler System

IRIS Mainline Crawler System

IRIS Portable Mainline Sewer Camera / Inspection System

Integrated Remote Inspection System

Riezler Mainline Crawler System

Riezler Mainline Inspection System

Modular Remote Pipeline Inspection System

What is a Mainline Sewer Inspection Crawler System?

A mainline inspection crawler system is a water proof device that allows you to visually inspect underground sewer pipes. It differs from a push camera, because it’s designed specifically for mainline or larger diameter pipe inspections.  Like a push camera, a pipe crawler allows you to detect leaks and flaws quickly and accurately.  A professional inspection can be recorded for easy playback, giving an in-depth video analysis of any issues.

Who uses a mainline inspection crawler system?

As infrastructure ages, pipe crawlers are increasingly being used by diverse audiences, including, but not limited to:

  • Plumbers
  • Contractors
  • Cities / Municipalities
  • Federal Government and U.S. Military
  • Home Inspectors
  • Drain Cleaners
  • Industrial engineers
  • Building Maintenance supervisors
  • Educational facilities
  • Commercial buildings, including hospitals, airports, manufacturing facilities

What are the features?

Score more jobs with our remote pipeline inspection systems! Our cameras proudly feature:

  • Daylight readable touch LCD screens
  • Motorized Reel with built-in auto-feed/ rewind to save time
  • Pan & Tilt camera to view different angles of the pipe
  • Flexible Kelvar coax cable for enhanced durability (IRIS 600', Riezler 410' to 1000')
  • Easy to use
  • Inspects a wide array of pipe sizes. (IRIS 6" to 18" pipes, Riezler 4" to 80" pipes)
  • Record to USB to easily save, record, and playback
  • Integrated power outlet, multiple recording ports and HDMI
  • Industry leading service

Are there any additional benefits to using our remote pipeline inspection systems?

Here at Insight Vision, we believe that the purchase of our equipment is a partnership. Our success relies on your success with our equipment.  The mainline crawler cameras we manufacture allow users to professionally inspect sewer pipes to determine if there are any defects, backups, or failures.  Our crawler systems are built to withstand unforgiving environments.

Insight Vision's mainline crawler systems have been ergonomically engineered for optimal comfort and efficiency. Our unique designs are tested to meet the many challenges one might face in the field. ;Our courteous and experienced technical support team will answer your calls. We don't believe in automated systems. You will get best in-class service with a live person when you call Insight Vision Cameras. We will provide you with solutions that will help you succeed in the field.

A brand that you can trust!

Our factory direct service team strives to turn around equipment repairs within 48 business hours upon receipt. Our doors are open for factory tours as well as onsite product demonstrations. For nearly two decades, all of our equipment has been manufactured, sold, and serviced at our Wisconsin facility.