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Because our camera design is modular. This saves you money. Our camera components can be serviced individually. For instance – if your camera head need service, you can take just the camera head off your unit and send it into our service department. With ground shipping and our industry leading service times – this option for repairs will save you time and more than likely will also be less expensive than dealer repairs.

Because nobody knows your Insight Vision inspection camera better than our factory technicians, which means they’re capable of identifying potential issues and solutions other facilities might miss. When they encounter an issue they are not familiar with – they walk one room over and talk to production technicians to trouble shoot the issue.

Because owning your Insight Vision camera should be a low stress experience. Therefore, we provide you with industry leading service times. We hear our customers every day explain how long service times can be with other inspection camera makers. Sometimes their repairs are out for up to 6 weeks! No one can afford to be out of the game that long. Our repairs are performed by factory technicians, your camera will be thoroughly inspected from end to end. The best part is that even with shipping times – we service our equipment in less than 9 business days. Most repairs are only at our service department for 3 business days.

“Thanks for getting our camera fixed so quickly.  This is the reason we will buy from you guys again.  We appreciate it.”
Heidi Seekins, Swanville ME

Request for Service

Insight Vision is dedicated to providing industry professionals with excellent service and support. Like your car, there will be a time when your inspection equipment will need service or repair. If that is the case, depending on your location, type of service or repair, and time constraint, simply fill out the quick form. For immediate assistance, call 1-262-268-9330.


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