Sewer Camera Products

American Manufacturer: keeping our economy running!  Our sewer camera systems are made in the USA.  Sewer camera financing as low as $70 per month!

Sewer Camera System

Always inspect every sewer line after every sewer cleaning for hidden damages

Opticam Camera - 200' System

Model: 203001
Quality that is affordable! Dependable system that has high-end features built for extreme conditions. Affordable camera system, inspects 2" to 12" lines, 12V DC power cord, rigid fiber glass push rod. Great for a start-up business.

Vutek Camera - 200' System

Model: 201001
Looking for a reliable and advanced push camera system that can inspect 2" to 12" pipelines? Works smarter, not harder! Designed for field operations with clearer picture and fast set-up time with stronger push rod.

Fastcam Camera - 200' System

Model: 207002
Are you starting a business and need to get into 2" to 6" pipe inspection? Ideal sewer inspection equipment for smaller diameter inspection. Perfect fit that's simple and easy to use camera system.

Portable Mainline Inspection System

IRIS Pan & Tilt Crawler - 600' System

Model: 208001
Compact and Portable! Revolutionary technology! Our Pan & Tilt crawler system is integrated with motorized drum for fast rewind, work like a computer, recording made easy, click to take photos, digital text-writer and footage counter.

Sewer Inspection Camera

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" We are an innovative manufacturer that develops and delivers cutting edge products and solutions to our customers. To better serve our customers, we consistently manufacture top-rated products and provide personalized customer service. Our work environment is constantly dynamic, flexible, forward thinking and systematically challenging to our employees! "

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Become A Dealer

Seeing is Believing

Earn extra income reselling our products. We have great perks and a solid sales program to get you started.

Gain knowledge in the process
Network with experts in the field
Attain incredible sales knowledge
Gain extra income to exisiting business
Build your own network of customers

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System Warranty

Insight Vision warrants to the first purchaser that should any of their products prove to be defective in equipment or workmanship in normal use, within one-year from the date of delivery.

Schedule repairs are within 24 to 48 hours
Demo equipment to keep you up and running
Professional service and technical support
Innovative solutions to meet your customer's needs

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PACP Reporting Software


The Muni XS user interface provides a simple method for creating PACP survey databases in a familiar Windows-based browser. This includes a survey wizard to easily guide users through the survey process and PACP mandatory entry fields.

Highly intuitive user interface providing a simple method
Prioritize expenditures by implementing a selective repair
Effective and easy method for distributing survey data
Databases may also be exported in the PACP format

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