IRIS Portable Mainline Sewer Camera Crawler System

Portable Mainline Sewer Camera Inspection System

The Insight Vision Iris Portable Mainline Sewer Camera Crawler is truly All-In-One. The mainline sewer camera crawler features a 10 inch touchscreen on the 600 ft. motorized reel and a pan-tilt camera head. A truly compact and portable sewer crawler, it only takes two operators to run this system and is transportable using a pickup truck or all terrain vehicle. Start inspecting in quickly using a power generator or 1000 watt inverter, saving countless hours and resources. Simple to use Windows Apps right on the home screen, get quick access to all of your videos and picture galleries. Compatible with Muni-XS PACP reporting software.

Integrated Remote Inspection System

Our most advanced mainline sewer camera crawler, the IRIS (Integrated Remote Inspection System) is an affordable and simple to use system. The system features a Pan and Tilt camera combined with a Windows 10 operating system. Work just like your home or work computer with fast bootup for rapid inspection and 500GB of internal memory for video and picture storage. View, record and take snapshots wirelessly on your Apple or approved Android devices without having an internet connection. A revolutionary mainline sewer camera crawler designed to help our customers save money, reduce inspection time and improve our country’s infrastructure with a high resolution inspection.


  • Remote Desktop Support for training and support
  • Pan and Tilt camera to view different angles of the pipe
  • Motorized Reel with built-in Auto-feed and Rewind to save time
  • 600 feet of Flexible Kelvar coax cable provides more durability
  • Window 7 IOS that operates just like your home computer
  • View wireless videos on your Apple or Android devices
  • Inspect 6 to 12 inch and up to 18 inches with additional wheel set
  • High Intensity LED for brighter inspection in dark pipes
  • Download Free App from the Apple or Android Appstore
  • Integrated power outlet, multiple recording ports and HDMI

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Additional Accessories

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