Insight Vision - Riezler RiVision Inspection Software

RiVision Pipe Inspection Software

The RiVision inspection software is an innovative software solution for monitoring, recording, and reporting pipe inspections. Furthermore, the software provides the ability to monitor all of the system components in use. The software displays real-time data on crawler pressure, degrees of crawler tilt in the pipe, camera pressure, degrees of camera pan/tilt in the pipe, and digital distance counter. Also, RiVision features project and contact databases, as well as, a text database to create custom damage catalogues. These onboard databases, allow you to lookup, manage, and create new projects without having to re-enter customer data. The software is always improving and gaining new features, updates are complimentary, no need to pay monthly or yearly subscription fees!

Reporting Functions

The RiVision inspection software is a powerful program capable of creating PDF reports that can be shown directly on screen or exported via USB. The PDF reporting offered on the software includes:

  • Custom logo and company information on every page
  • Customer and project descriptions
  • Timestamps to video
  • Correlating pictures with video timestamps and description
  • Job descriptions
  • Optional Inclination and measurement data

All exported data is fully compatible with WinCan vX. RiVision supports both project and contact databases, allowing you to quickly look-up, manage, and create reports without having to re-enter customer data.

RiVision In-pipe Readout

Riezler Inspection Software In-pipe Readout

Optional Modules

RiVision Report

RiVision Reports allow for the creation of country specific damage catalog reports, directly at the control unit. No need to export the information and create the reports manually. Free upgrades when damage catalogs change or are updated. Compatible with WinCan vX.

RiVision Report

RiVision RS232

RiVision RS232 is a module that can be added to record inspections via a third-party software (ex. WinCan vX). This module sends all of the data generate by the Riezler camera heads and crawlers to a third-party software, where it can be incorporated. For setup and data transfer in third-party software, please refer to the third-party software's instruction manual.

RiVision RS232 Cable

RiVision Inclination

The Inclination module is used with the FWL-100 or FWL-150 crawlers. This module enables the control unit to create inclination graphics in reports. The ongoing height and inclination values are shown; as well as, the average values are automatically calculated.

Riezler Inspection Software Inclination Report

RiVision Measurement

The measurement module allows for precise measurement of cracks and deformations within the pipe. This module uses the full potential of the pan and tilt cameras with integrated lasers. This module can also determine the diameter of the pipe with the touch of a button.

RiVision Inspection Software Laser Crack Measurement
Riezler RiVision Inspection Software Laser Measurement