What Makes a Superior Sewer Camera Head


3 Key Features Every Sewer Camera Head Should Have

The camera head is one of the most important components of a sewer push camera system. See if your camera head has these components.


When you stick that camera head in the pipe, you want the best image possible so you have the visual you need to do diagnose the problem. So what does your camera head need to have a great picture? Well ask any photographer or videographer and they’ll say its dependent on two things – the lens and the image sensor.


CMOS Image Sensor Sewer Camera
The 1/4″ CMOS Image Sensor in the Insight Vision Self-Leveling Camera Head

The size of the sensor typically determines its image processing sensitivity. The Insight Vision self-leveling camera head utilizes a ¼” CMOS image sensor that has twice the sensitivity of the 1/3” Sony Ex-View®, meaning it has a superior picture in a smaller size. It can also operate in temperatures ranging from -40° F to 158° F.

Sapphire Lens
Sapphire Glass Lens


Insight Vision has used both sapphire and gorilla glass for our camera lens over the years. Today, we only use sapphire glass based on our own tests and customer feedback about its better performance and durability. Also, sapphire glass is the hardest natural substance next to diamond.


Insight Vision Double Ball Bearing

Insight Vision uses Double Ball Bearings

The self-leveling feature is a must-have if you want to know which way is up in the pipe. Having a camera head that stays level over time is where many self-leveling cameras fail. The Insight Vision camera head utilizes two ball bearing rings on an aluminum machined body with a brass weight. So you can be rest assured it will perform consistenly over the life of the system.


Sewer camera heads take a beating going through cast iron, clay, pvc pipes and more all the time. So it becomes a matter of not “if” it breaks but when… what do you do?

Cutaway of Insight Vision Self-Leveling Camera Head

The Insight Vision self-leveling camera head has a modular design that makes repairing it easy. Here are a couple examples of issues that happen:

  • camera lens breaks – replace the nose cone
  • LED lights go out – replace the LED light ring
  • camera has no picture – replace the power board

To see how easy it is to remove the camera head from the system, check out the video below.

One final note on repairability is where your camera head is manufactured. If it is made overseas (which most are) you will have problems when it malfunctions or breaks.

All Insight Vision camera heads are manufactured in America at our Saukville, Wisconsin manufacturing facility. Also, each camera head is built with components from United States based companies, many in Wisconsin. American Made… American Strong.

Having these 3 key features – superior optics, self-leveling and repairability – on your sewer camera head will make a world of difference in your inspections.

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