Preconfigured Storm Sewer Crawler System

Riezler Sewer Camera Inspection System

Reizler Preconfigured Storm Sewer Crawler System

The Storm Sewer crawler package allows the user to work in pipe sizes from 6" to 48"+ pipes. This package offers the adaptability to be able to handle a vast array of pipe sizes, with multiple wheel sets and the electrical elevator. This package features a pan and tilt camera head, and comes with 656 feet of cable on a motorized reel.

It comes standard with:

  • MSE-500 Control Unit
  • KTA-200 Reel
  • FWL-150 Crawler
  • RSK-78 Camera Head
  • D160 Wheel Kit
  • D215 Wheel Kit and Cradle
  • Lift Hook

This package is further customizable with an optional rearview camera, additional light kit, locating sonde, additional manual extension, and multiple camera options.

Preconfigured Components

Control Unit

  • 12.4" daylight readable touchscreen (1024 x 768 resolution)
  • Industrial grade PC with 256 GB solid state hard drive included
  • Powerful RiVision software, complimentary software updates.
  • Fully customizable data overlays. Add your company logo or information to your reports.
  • Compatible with all of the crawler systems (internal pressure data, pan/tilt degrees)
  • 100-240 V AC / max. 250 watts power supply
  • WinCan vX compatible,
  • Multilingual user interface and reports.
  • More MSE-500 Info


  • 492-656 feet of kevlar-reinforced HD cable
  • Abrasion and acid resistant
  • Integrated electronic control unit
  • Motorized reel with crawler synchronized or manual mode options
  • Adjustable pressure
  • Compatible with all of the crawler systems and pluggable camera heads.
  • Integrated meter counter
  • More KTA-200 Info


  • Usable in 6" to 80" pipe
  • Steerable
  • Electrical camera elevator
  • 8 powered wheels
  • Modular, can be set up to handle a wide variety of tasks
  • Pressure-proof till 1 bar (14.5 psi)
  • Internal pressure surveillance
  • Tilt measurement
  • More FWL-150 Info

Camera Head

  • 18 dimmable, ultra bright LEDs
  • Usable in 4" to 48" pipe
  • Wide angle 85 degree lens
  • 3x digital zoom (MSE-500)
  • Electronic adjustable focus
  • Pressure supervision with alarm
  • Auto positioning functions (90 degree left/right, 360 inspection, horizon compensation)
  • Self leveling
  • Waterproof up to 5 bar (72.5 psi)
  • More RSK-78 Info

Accessories Included

D160 Large Crawler System Wheel
  • Usable in 12"+ pipe
  • Heavy weight for increased traction
  • Easy to mount
D215 Large Crawler System Cradle
  • Usable in 24"+ pipe
  • Heavy weight for increased traction
  • Easy to mount
Riezler Crawler System Lift Hook With Holder
  • Helps lower the crawler
  • Designed to unclamp as the crawler moves forward
  • Includes 33 feet of rope
  • Compatible with all crawler models