Simple, Affordable NEW Sewer Camera System

Mini Vu Sewer Camera Inspection System

Introducing the All-New, small, lightweight Mini Vu inspection system from Insight Vision.

For plumbers, municipalities, or inspectors that want just a simple, easy-to-use command module paired with Insight Vision’s rugged reel and self-leveling sewer camera head, the Mini Vu is just the answer. It is battery powered, has simple controls with recording to USB and a touch of hi-tech with its wifi streaming app.

M18 Battery Powered

M18 Battery and Charger

When you want the best in power, you use M18’s. Now you can go almost anywhere with your inspections and get up to 6 hours of battery life! When you slide in the M18 battery you are instantly ready to inspect and record. The Mini Vu includes an M18 style battery and an M12-M18 charger too.

Easy To Use Controls

The Mini Vu has only 4 buttons – Record/Stop, Counter Reset/Reel Selection, Lights Up, and Lights Down. It doesn’t get any more difficult than that.

MiniVu Controls

Press the Record/Stop button and the red light on the side of the Mini Vu will light up to show it is recording to the inserted USB drive. Press the button again and the red light will flash a couple times before turning off. The Counter Reset button resets the On-Screen Footage counter and also allows you to select either the STD (200ft Standard reel) or MICRO (the soon to be released 150ft Mini Reel). The Lights Up and Lights Down do just what they say, increase or decrease the LED lights on the camera head.

WiFi Streaming App

MiniVu Wifi App

The Mini Vu has a downloadable wifi streaming app available for IOS and Android devices. The app allows you to record, remotely control the USB recorder on the Mini Vu, take pictures, view the recorded videos/pictures and adjust your setttings. Now you can have one person viewing the inspection on the Mini Vu while the other person is watching it on their phone via the app.

Get into the sewer inspection business today with the M18 battery powered Mini Vu with easy-to-use controls and a wifi streaming app. And with the soon to be released Mini-Reel and Mini-Camera, you will have a complete system that weighs less than 30lbs. For more information about the Mini Vu, click here.

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