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Mini Vu Sewer Camera Inspection System

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Rugged Plumbing Camera Inspection System

MiniVu - a rugged, easy to use, professional grade plumbing camera inspection system. First, simply slide in the M-18 Battery, plug in the USB Flash Drive and you're ready to start recording your plumbing, drain and sewer inspections. Another feature is our simple one touch recording to USB flash drive allows you to share your inspections immediately with customers. Furthermore, MiniVu can also connect to your Apple or Android mobile device for sending and storing videos.

Our professional grade 0.475 inch push rod won't let you down. Strong enough to push on long runs. As a result, it won't leave you cussing on a job like a flimsy inferior system's push rod will. For that reason, professional push rod's are worth every penny.

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Top Ten Features

  1. 1.3" Self-Leveling Color Camera Head
  2. On-Screen Distance Counter
  3. One Touch Recording to USB
  4. 0.475" Premium Push Rod Cable with Flexi-Guard Spring
  5. Wi-Fi Streaming with Apple or Android App
  6. Always On Built In 512Hz Sonde Transmitter
  7. M-18 Battery Powers up to 6 Hours!
  8. Mini-Vu Module Weighs only 1.5 lbs (Without Battery)
  9. Rugged Ram Case & Mount
  10. Accomodates 0.475" Reels 200ft, 300ft, 400ft and 0.38" Mini-Reel 150 ft
Leasing Application

Finance Available | $1 Buy out at Lease End

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Features & Benefits

Technical Design

Screen5.0"See the damages clearer and faster for better inspection
CounterDigitalDisplay footage distance on screen and no more guess work
CaseABSTough RAM Case with Weather-proof display shield
SystemPortableIdeal viewing position and easy handling for traveling
FrameVerticalVersatile and expandable design for all lateral inspection
RecordUSB16GB USB Flash Drive

Technical Design

Stream WirelessWifiStream wireless video to Android or Apple mobile devices
CameraModularMore inspection with one camera requiring less investment
Pipe Size3" to 12"Inspects most common residential and commercial pipes
Cable SizeFiber glass.47" OD optimized for further pushes with more turns and bends
Sonde512 HzLocatable beacon for precise area determination

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