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Heavy Duty Equipment

Inspects 2" to 12" sewer pipes featuring the exclusive clear view performance camera head for unsurpassed picture quality and clarity. The D2 sewer camera sytem features USB recording, on screen text-writer, footage counter, and handsfree remote recording.

Portable Sewer Camera

The D2 sewer camera system has a unique horizontal frame design that allow users to get low to the ground while doing pipe line inspections. The command module mounts onto the frame for a secure video connection and ease of use when transporting. Built with a telescoping handle, you will save time going to and from jobsites. New feature: View, record and playback on your Apple or approved Android mobile devices.

Key Features:

On-Screen distance counter to see how far you are pushing
10.4" LCD provides larger screen for easier viewing
1.3" Modular Camera will inspect more with one camera
200' durable fiber glass cable provides longevity
Record to USB stick to easily save, record and playback
Simple to use Text-writer that provides data collection
Inspects 2" to 12" works for 90 percent of today's industries
Camera test port allows quick troubleshooting
Optional Add-ons: Additonal memory of 120 gb internal harddrive

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I had this system for 4 years and had made a lot of money. I am looking to purchase another D2 system.

Jason Miller

City of Beloite, City Worker

The sales & support were incredible, I would recommend this sewer camera company to anyone who is looking for speed and dependability.

Linda Scott

Sewer Consultant, Field Technician

Works like a laptop and very durable! I was amazed at the amount of features that came with the system, especially the test port.

Justin L. Bruggeman

ABC Plumbing, Equipment Specialist

D2 SEWER CAMERA | Heavy-Duty and Reliable Equipment

Designed for hard working professional who is looking to get the job done quicker and smarter. This system will allow you to get into 2 to 12 inch pipes, with self-leveling Modular Camera head and heavy-duty equipment that built to last.

Features & Benefits

Technical Design

Screen10.4"See the damages clearer and faster for better inspection
CounterDigitalOn-screen footage distance means no more guess work
Roto MoldABSTough and reliable for longer use and less investment
CaseDetachableEasily removable for faster traveling time and set-up
Text-WriterMembraneSimply add detailed information to your inspection
FrameHorizontalIdeal for laying low to the ground for inspections
RemoteRemoteSimple toggling through videos to show to your customer

Technical Design

CameraModularMore inspection with one camera requiring less investment
Resolution480 x 720Easily spot and view problem areas for faster inspections
RecordUSB8GB of memory will save you time to do other inspections
Pipe Size2" to 12"Inspects most common residential and commercial pipes
CableFiber glassOptimized for further pushes with more turns and bends
Sonde512 HzLocatable beacon for precise area determination
PowerInternalComplete more jobs with 4 hours of inspections

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