Muni XS PACP Reporting Software


Windows Interface Software

The Muni XS user interface provides a simple method for creating survey databases in a familiar Windows-based browser and includes a survey wizard to easily guide the user through the survey process and completing the PACP mandatory entry fields. Extremely simple, fast and affordable CCTV survey software solution.

Integrated With PACP

Prioritize capital expenditures by implementing a selective repair and replacement program that is based on the actual condition of individual pipes. Effective and easy method for distributing survey data. Databases may also be exported in the PACP format. Download the latest Muni-XS Softare, today! Compatible with our Iris Portable Mainline crawler.

Software is no longer available

YouTube video
  • PACP menu-based format for data collection
  • Help tutorial and wizards for easy program setup
  • Context sensitive Help File that is user-friendly
  • PACP Import and Export supported files
  • Records digital video file in WMV format
  • Take pictures from live video or recorded video
  • DVSPlayer Compatible and caption text to the video
  • Built-in CD/DVD burning program for quick and easy surveys
  • Interfaces with most CCTV controllers to read the footage
  • Records video with inexpensive USB 2.0 recording device
  • Great picture quality with economical file size
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I had a great experience my first time using MuniXS Pipeline Assessment Certification Program.

Erik Brandt

Waste Cleaners, Lead Inspector

I was able to use the MuniXS PACP on Windows 7 and Windows Vista operating system.

Lucas Hoch

Township of Owen, Estimator

I needed a simple data collection software that I can easily train my team and MuniXS is that program.

Carl Peterson

City of Greenwood, Director

MUNI XS SOFTWARE | Pipe Survey Made Easy

License is computer based (hardware id linked) and not transferable. This new program features the NASSCO PACP Program code as its sole survey entry mode. Certified to the more stringent PACP V6.0 standards. Able to import from V4.2, V4.4, or V6.0 data transfer file.
YouTube video
YouTube video
YouTube video
YouTube video

Features & Benefits

Technical Design

WindowsAppUser friendly methods for creating survey databases
FunctionsSurveyWizard that automatically steps you through mandatory field
ReportsTutorialsAuto pre-selecting for the type of code you want to enter

Technical Design

SurveyGraphicsReports include a Pipe Graphic and Tabular of individual pipes
PACPMuniXSPrioritize expenditures by implementing a selective repair
File FormatPDFReport could save to PDF so files are easily shared via email

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