Riezler KTM-7X Manual Reel

Riezler KTM-7X-125 Sewer Inspection Manual Reel

KTM-7X (125)

Riezler KTM-7X-200 Sewer Inspection Manual Reel

KTM-7X (200)

The KTM-7X manual reel option comes in either 410 or 656 foot lengths. It comes standard with a digital meter counter and adjustable brake. The acid and abrasion resistant kevlar-reinforced cable is on a powder-coated steel spool and mounted on a durable stainless steel frame. These reels are compact at only 21.3 inches tall, 17.7 inches long, and 13.8 inches wide (14.6 inches wide for the 200 option). The KTM-7X reels are compatible with Riezler's entire line of crawlers and pluggable camera heads. With the addition of a fiberglass rod, this reel is capable of being used as a push camera when needed.