How To Share Videos and Pics With Only a USB Drive

USB WiFi Share Inspection Videos

If you’ve ever had issues connecting to the WiFi on your system or it doesn’t have WiFi  but records to USB, read on…

Sometimes you are with a customer and they want a copy of the inspection right on their phone or tablet so they can show their spouse, email it or have a record of it.  Now you can share your inspection videos and pictures right after you are done recording with the SanDisk Connect.


Now you can easily share videos, pictures, music and files with the SanDisk Connect. It is basically a rechargeable USB storage device that communicates to your phone or tablet via wifi with an app downloaded from Itunes or Google Play Store. You can share content on the USB with up to 3 devices at once!


For less than $20 you can get a 32GB USB SanDisk Connect on Amazon. That size would get you over 9 and a half hours of video footage on the Insight Vision Opticam.


With over half a million downloads of the app on Google Play Store, many people have been using this device. It also means that you won’t have the compatibility issues of Apple vs Android or when you get a new phone.


To see how easy it is to use with the Insight Vision Opticam, simply click on this video link.

Now you don’t have to worry about whether your sewer inspection system wifi is working or not with the SanDisk Connect.

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