DANGER! Cracked Lens!

Sewer Camera Cracked Lens Damage

Ignoring a Cracked Lens On Your Sewer Camera Could Cost You Thousands!!

A customer recently experienced a cracked lens on their
sewer camera head and instead of getting it repaired, kept on inspecting. It
was a decision that ended up costing them thousands to fix…

Simple, Low-Cost Repair

If you notice your camera head has a cracked lens… STOP! Simply remove it from the spring and sonde (view video) and send it in to get serviced. You may only need a new nose cone ($455). If there is any water intrusion in the camera head you will need to replace the camera cartridge and nose cone ($1,450).

The Dangers of Continuing to Inspect

Water in the camera head may short out the computer boards in the camera cartridge ($995) and may impact other components down the line such as the sonde ($660), encoder housing ($400), and command module ($1,878 & up). So instead of putting those sensitive electronic components at risk… STOP!

Nose Cone, Camera Cartridge, Sonde, Hub Encoder, Opticam Command Module
Nose Cone, Camera Cartridge, Sonde, Hub Encoder, Opticam Command Module

Preventing a Cracked Lens

The picture of the cracked lens sewer camera head above gives you a good idea of what not to do - the steel lens ring being split means this camera head may have been used to smash through obstructions, the wear marks and indentations on the stainless steel casing are obvious signs this camera head did NOT have a skid on. The skids protect not only the camera lens but also the stainless steel casing and light ring. The skids also are designed so that if your camera does get stuck, you’re more likely to lose the inexpensive skid versus the entire camera head when pulling it out of the pipe.

Modular Means Lower Repair costs

Insight Vision systems are modular so you can easily replace an individual component versus having to send in the entire system. Some of the less expensive sewer camera systems are not modular, are pretty much disposable after they break and have a much lower life span. Insight Vision systems are designed to last for years and years. In fact, we have many customers with systems over 10 years old!

So in the unlikely event you do experience a cracked lens on your sewer camera head – STOP! Get the camera head fixed and you’ll save yourself a lot of time and money!! Give Insight Vision’s service department a call today at 1.800.488.8177 to have it repaired or to find an authorized service center near you.