American Made Inspection Cameras for Sewage, Pipes and Air Ducts.

Visually detect pipe and sewage issues with camera systems from Insight Vision. Quickly detect problems, leaks and flaws with recording features for easy playback and in-depth video analysis. Custom designed and works with Windows 10 platforms.

Product Offerings:

Sewer Inspection Push Cameras
Water-resistant tools that allow you to visually inspect pipes. Detect problems, leaks and flaws quickly and accurately. Record inspection for easy playback and in-depth video analysis.


Mainline Sewer Inspection Crawler Cameras
Waterproof devices that allow you to visually inspect underground sewer pipes. Designed specifically for mainline or larger diameter pipe inspections. Detect leaks and flaws quickly and accurately. Record inspection for easy playback and in-depth video analysis.



  • Windows 10 capabilities
  • Wi-Fi app for wireless video streams to Android and Apple devices or Record to USB to easily save, record, and playback
  • Opticam system can be powered up using 120V AC or 12V DC
    Inspects 3" to 12" pipes
  • Can within stand unforgiving environments like the harsh Wisconsin winters
  • Real Human Customer support
  • In-house troubleshooting center
  • Quick service turn around times


“We received our Insight sewer camera today and we’re impressed with its small size, the rugged box for the monitor, and the locator is also very light weight. Very impressed with its ease of operation, picture quality, ease of recording, good lighting, mic and speaker quality, and locating functions” - Clayton, City of Anchorage

“When I had first seen the system, I thought it was something I could not afford but when I heard how much it cost was and what it can do. I was amazed!” - Jeff, J&B Rehabilitation

“I have had great success with the first camera I bought at the trade show in Indy.” - Randy,

Riezler Family

In 2020 Insight Vision, a manufacturer of sewer inspection cameras, partnered with Riezler Inspection Systems, a sewer inspection camera manufacturer based in Germany. The Riezler pipeline inspection system is a completely module system, that can be customized to fit pipe sizes from 4 inches up to 80 inches. The adaptability of the Riezler pipeline inspection system allows you to expand and grow your system as your business grows. We are proud to offer this product as part of our Insight Vision product line, and are excited for our customers to experience the benefits that this modular system has to offer.

  • Financing as low as $70 per month!
  • Find the right camera and allow your pipe and sewage inspections to become effortless
  • Get accurate insights with your pipe problems - the first time - so you can score more jobs.

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Insight Vision is a leading-edge manufacturer of sewer cameras and inspection systems. Our systems can be used by municipalities, plumbers, contractors, departments of transportation, and civil/environmental engineers. First of all, our sewer cameras and inspection systems enhance user productivity. Above all, our inspection systems provide detail for you in the field. We make rugged, dependable video inspection systems that will work for years to come. In addition, we're here to support our customers with professional in-house service. We have rapid turn-around times that are some of the fastest in the industry. Insight Vision is your trusted partner for sewer cameras and inspection systems.

Insight Vision - A leader in sewer cameras and inspection systems.

For many years we have been an innovative American manufacturer developing cutting edge sewer cameras and inspection systems and delivering up-to-the-minute solutions to our customers. The key to serving our customers is consistently manufacturing quality products and providing top-notch professional customer support. Experience the Insight Vision difference... its why our customers keep coming back.

"We are committed to pioneering the latest innovations of inspection cameras for our customers while providing everlasting service and support."  Steve Napoleon, President

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