9 Reasons You Need a Sewer Camera

9 Reasons You Need A Sewer Camera

Struggling with how to justify the purchase of a sewer camera? Read on…

When making a business decision about whether to add a sewer camera system to your business you want to weigh the pros and cons. Below are a few reasons you need a sewer camera for you business:

Make Money

  • More Sales – no more missed opportunities because you don’t have a sewer camera
  • Improve closing ratio because customer can see the problem
  • Higher average sale – cost of video inspection, higher dollar repairs
  • Offer more services – video inspection, pipe patching, excavating, etc.

Save Money

Improve Image

Insight Vision WiFi App
  • You can be a one stop shop – makes you look more reputable vs having to subcontract out
  • Job done right means happy customers
  • Hi-tech sewer inspection systems – stream to phone or tablet, USB recording


  • Subcontract for others that don’t have a sewer camera but need the service – home inspectors, real estate agents, plumbers, contractors, municipalities, septic companies, etc.


  • Your opportunities expand with the more services you offer
  • The sewer infrastructure is aging (especially steel and clay tile) which means there will be a greater demand in the future for sewer inspection. This can recession-proof your business.

Save Time

  • Cleaning the line won’t solve the problem if the pipe is broken or has cracks – rework is a given
  • No more call backs!


  • The job is done right because it was diagnosed properly – eliminates guesswork
  • Never miss cracked or broken pipes again
  • Accurately mark where the damaged pipe is with a locator

Happy Customers

  • “Seeing is believing” and when the customer sees the issue in their pipe, getting the sale becomes a lot easier. Plus, they can also see you did the job right with a post inspection video.

Re-sale Value

12 Year Old VHS Sewer Camera System
VHS Sewer Camera System

So after considering the pros of making money, saving money, improving business image, networking, increased opportunities, time savings, improved accuracy, happy customers and re-sale value… Do they outweigh the cons of purchasing a sewer camera system?

Insight Vision is an American manufacturer of sewer camera systems for over 15 years. Our systems are modular so any part can easily be replaced should it break or fail. Most repairs are done in 24-48 hours at our Saukville, Wisconsin manufacturing facility.

Contact Insight Vision at 1.800.488.8177 today for more information.

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